Daylight Saving Time: Springing Forward

What can you do to protect your baby’s sleep during the time change?

Are you ready for yet ANOTHER change in your baby’s sleep schedule? If you just let out a sigh of frustration, FEAR NOT! This time change isn’t so bad! Daylight Saving Time (DST) happens Sunday March 13th at 2:00AM this year. We will be setting our clocks one hour ahead of the current time. In short, we will be “Springing forward”! “But didn’t we JUST change our clocks back an hour?” Yes! You did! But springing forward is MUCH easier than falling back. Trust me 😉

Think of this; if your baby is waking early each morning, say around 5:30AM, after Sunday, he will be waking at 6:30AM instead! Isn’t that MUCH better?

What can you do to help your baby adjust more easily to the time change?

Just wait! There’s more ‘good news’! Many babies can handle this time change fairly easily and sometimes parents don’t have to do much to help their babies adjust.

You can choose to not take any action and just allow the baby’s body to adjust naturally and on it’s own. If you would like to play it safe and prefer to move slowly, you can do so by shifting your baby’s daily schedule earlier by 15-minute increments starting 4 days prior to the day of the time change.


Remember to help your baby adjust more easily to any and all time shifts or schedule changes by keeping him well-rested on a daily basis. If you want the right answers to getting your baby great sleep, call the experts at Baby Sleep Well! We can help you tackle the toughest problems and get everyone sleeping peacefully!