About Baby Sleep Well

Baby Sleep Well is committed to helping your family get the best sleep possible.  Founded in Hawaii by Katie Shell, Baby Sleep Well was created with plenty of Aloha in mind. Above all else, love, care, kindness, and peacefulness are central to the work that is done with the hundreds of families that hire the Baby Sleep Well team.

By empowering your family with the techniques needed to ensure healthy sleep habits for your child, the Baby Sleep Well team ensures your family gets the best sleep possible. Thanks to an abundance of knowledge and experience, the Baby Sleep Well team is able to educate you about safe and successful sleep practices. The team works one-on-one with families to explain the dynamics, patterns, and development of infant sleep so there is a true understanding of how to solve your child’s sleep issues and prevent further problems from occurring. Knowledge is powerful and the team’s goal is for you to know why sleep changes occur and how to adapt to them as your baby grows.

About Katie Shell:

Founder and Pediatric Sleep Specialist

Katie is an Atlanta, Georgia native, but currently lives in Hawaii – a place that feels like home to her.  Katie is married to a “computer genius” and is the mother of her very social daughter, Lilli O’Kalani (born 7/26/14), and her energetic son Warner (born 6/26/12).  Katie is a graduate of the Family Sleep Institute and is the founder of Baby Sleep Well, but prior to this was an interior designer for 10 years.

Katie has firsthand experience with the difficulties of getting children to sleep.  With the birth of her son, Katie was told to put him on a schedule found in a popular book that was SURE to get her baby sleeping all night!  At 4 months of age it became clear that this book couldn’t solve all of the sleep issues that arose as her son’s sleep needs began to change.  She quickly realized that her son’s naps were not going the way that the book had mentioned and her son began doing a lot more crying and a lot less sleeping. The book didn’t give troubleshooting techniques as to how to correct these issues, nor did it explain what should be done in order to get back on track.

To make matters worse, it was at this time that Katie’s family was uprooted and moved back to Georgia from Hawaii (six hours time difference). Utter exhaustion from sleep mayhem set in fast and all she could think to do was cling to that “one-size-fits-all” sleep book.  The book ended up causing more confusion and desperation, but Katie still clung to it like it was the bible.  The advice Katie received from friends, and even the doctors was NO help at all and added more stress to the mix. She was at her wits end.

It was at this time that Katie thought, “there must be thousands of families who are suffering from this very same situation with no help figuring out how to get their babies to sleep.” She decided that she wanted to help them avoid the heart-wrenching sadness that came along with having an extremely tired baby. Katie began to research sleep as it relates to infants and found that there was actually a certification program through The Family Sleep Institute that taught methods and specific techniques that worked with the biology of a baby’s body to help achieve the healthiest and most restorative sleep.

Katie knew that this was her calling. Katie felt that she needed to help families who were suffering from the same long sleepless nights that she had known so well. So, here she is, doing exactly what she was meant to do. Katie is helping families give their babies the best sleep possible so that they can live happy and healthy lives.

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