Below are a list of our Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the topics that Baby Sleep Well covers?

The Dynamics of Pediatric Sleep
Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits
Young children
Biological Sleep Rhythms
Sleep Regularity
Timing of Naps and Night Sleep
Night Sleep Consolidation
Self-soothing Skills
Perfecting the Sleep Environment
Relaxing Sleep Routines
Safe Sleep & SIDS prevention
Feeding while shaping sleep (Incorporating Night feedings without Disrupting Sleep)
Sleep crutches & What to Avoid
Sleep Associations and how to correct them
Sleep Aids
Transitioning from Crib to Toddler bed
Transitioning from Family Bed to Crib/Toddler Bed
Learning Independent Sleeping
Nap Transitions (From Two Naps to One Nap)

What are some of the problems that Baby Sleep Well solves?

Bedtime Battles (Fighting Sleep)
Problems Staying Asleep / Multiple Night Wakings
Short Naps
Extra Early Morning Wakings
Sleep Disruptions Caused by Milestones (Teething, Growth Spurts, Sitting, Standing, Walking)
Sleep Disruptions Caused by Traveling, Holidays, and Time Changes
Babies and Toddlers Who Climb Out of Their Cribs
Toddlers and Children who Frequently Get Out of Their Bed
Sleep Regressions
Parasomias (Night Terrors)
Overtiredness and Exhaustion

What makes Baby Sleep Well different from other Sleep Specialists?

All of the Baby Sleep Well Sleep Specialists are trained and certified through the Family Sleep Institute, which instructs, mentors and certifies Child Sleep Consultants around the world. Most importantly, we base our sleep shaping techniques on the most current studies and medical research conducted by the world’s top pediatric sleep specialists. In addition, while working very closely with each family we consider the many factors that are important for providing an optimal sleep scenario for your baby. In doing so, we are able to create an individualized sleep plan for each family’s unique situation. When we work together, each child is treated as an individual, and each family is supported until their child is sleeping well.

How many families have you helped? What is your success rate?

We have worked with well over 200 families. Our success rate is 100% for the families who follow the plan that we provide.

What is Baby Sleep Well’s view on sleep training?

Baby Sleep Well believes that “sleep training” is actually for parents, not for babies. A great deal of parents actually need training on the details of how their babies and children sleep in order to help them establish long term healthy sleep habits. It is our view that we don’t have to “train” our babies how to sleep, but that we have to guide them on when and where to sleep. Sleep is something babies are able to do very well from the day they are born. By watching their body language, considering their daily schedule, and setting up an optimal sleep environment, we can help them establish long-term healthy sleep habits.

Why can’t Baby Sleep Well just provide me with tips and simple advice to get my baby sleeping well?

For the health and safety of your child we need to consider the MANY factors that can cause sleep disruptions. It is important to understand that every baby is different and what works for one child may not work for another. Because of this, we take the time to get to know you, your child, and all of the elements in your lives that play a role in getting your child to sleep well. Tips and simple advice typically do not address the entire reason a child is not sleeping. Because of this, simple recommendations will only work temporarily, if at all.

How can Baby Sleep Well solve my baby’s sleep problems?

Baby Sleep Well works with parents to become a unit of expertise. Nobody knows and understands your baby or child better than you do. You are your child’s expert and we are your sleep experts. Together we will form an amazing team! When you choose to work with Baby Sleep Well we do a full evaluation of your baby’s current sleep habits and then come up with an individualized sleep plan. We will get your baby sleeping restoratively for both naps and nighttime sleep and then take it one step further by showing you how to understand your child’s long-term sleep needs so that you can continue to keep them well rested throughout his/her childhood.

Should I feel guilty for wanting my baby to sleep more?

Absolutely NOT! First of all, sleep is a basic need for every living creature. If your baby is not sleeping well during naps or at night it is equivalent to him not getting a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Dr. Marc Weissbluth, the father of pediatric sleep, said it best when he said: “sleep is to the brain what food is to the body”. In addition, if you as a caregiver are not getting healthy sleep, caring for a child becomes extremely difficult and providing what your child or baby needs is more challenging.

Do I HAVE to let my baby Cry It Out (CIO) in order to get them to sleep?

NO! We believe in creating a loving situation in which all parties involved will be 100% comfortable. If we try to force sleep upon our babies and children we will ultimately make them despise it. We want our children to love their sleep and feel safe and secure in their own sleep space. In order to do this, we provide our families with several sleep shaping methods from which they can choose in order to establish healthy sleep habits.

What if I cannot afford your services?

I do provide financial aid options as well as pro bono services for certain cases. Please contact us with any monetary concerns. We have worked with many people in various financial situations. It is important to us that families get their sleep so we do our best to accommodate families who need financial assistance.

What if the plan does not work?

Although this has never happened, if a client of a healthy child commits to the plan and does exactly what is instructed for a minimum of two weeks and their child continues to have sleep issues, we will continue to work with them to get the best results possible and reassess the situation as needed.

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