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Tanner 10 months old

Twins Ava and Andrew 4 months old

Cannon 8 months old

Written Testimonials

It’s amazing how much having our sleep back has changed our lives (and our marriage) for the better!

Kelly T.

Jennifer was so kind, completely understanding, and VERY knowledgeable about the problems we were experiencing.

Micah C.

We will always be grateful for you! We thank God that we gained sleep as well as a good friend!

Bryan & Angela

Thank you again Katie for helping our entire family get better sleep!”

Megan T.

Nicholas – 10 months old

“I just wanted to share how life changing this experience has been. My little guy was known as a terrible sleeper/the worst sleeper by my MOMS club group and friends with babes the same age. I even challenged Katie that she hasn’t had to help a baby like mine yet…he went from waking up & nursing 5-6 times a night, sometimes more, to sleeping through the night by day 3. It was important to me that Katie was certified through the Family Sleep Institute, meaning she had invested her own time & $ in becoming certified…as well as the fact that she is so passionate about helping families, that she offers her services at a much more affordable price point (as a SAHM, I have to be careful where I choose to spend my money). I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a little bit of their life and a lot of their sleep back. Oh, & daylight savings? She helped us come up with a painless plan ahead of time, so while our friends were waking up hours earlier Sunday, we had the luxury of sleeping in an extra 1.5 hours. Thanks, Katie!!”

– Melissa R.
Olney, MD

Caroline Ann – 5 months old

“Our daughter was the quintessential cat-napper and we had tried everything under the sun to get her to sleep longer during the day. She was cranky, over-tired, and never wanted to be put down because of it. We were at our wits end, which is when we heard about Katie and Baby Sleep Well. I contacted Katie and we got started right away. Within three days our daughter was napping 4 hours during the day, which was something I never thought possible! If you are having any reservations whatsoever about contacting Katie, I assure you it will be the best money you’ve ever spent. She truly changed our lives! Now that our daughter is well rested she is a completely different baby—happy and compliant practically all day long. Thank you again Katie for helping our entire family get better sleep!”

-Megan T.
Indianapolis, IN

Madeline – 8 months old

“First, let me say that I feel like a completely new woman with Katie’s help. I am a new mom, and for 9 months I never got more than 4 hours of straight sleep (and was back at work after 3 months)! After reading sleep-help books, internet articles, asking friends how they did it (determined that we could figure it out ourselves), and not comfortable to do the “cry it out” method, we finally asked for professional help – thank goodness – and Katie guided and supported us to long, restful nights. She gave us quite a few options to chose from, so we picked the sleep plan that felt right for us.

Our little girl was only napping twice a day for 30 mins each time (and usually would only sleep while being worn in the baby carrier or on the nursing pillow) and waking once or twice in the night. Within 2-3 weeks of working with Katie, she now is consistently napping twice a day for 1-2 hours each, and sleeping 12-13 hours straight in the night! I was starting to think my baby-brain was permanent, but it was just lack of sleep. It’s amazing how much having our sleep back has changed our lives (and our marriage) for the better! Best investment EVER!!!! Thanks Katie!”

-Kelly T.
Atlanta, GA

Lachlan – 17 months old

“Katie was amazing when she helped us with our little one. She was there for us through the entire process and even after we got our little one sleeping through the night.”

– Dave D.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Joelle – 7 months old

“Katie has been SO helpful throughout this entire year with my first. She is knowledgeable, caring, patient and responsive. It’s because of her I was able to get my daughter napping in her crib after 8 months of her sleeping by my side. I continue to keep in touch with her as a friend (love her) and as an expert for my baby. Now we are working on getting her daily routine down. I trust her completely. She’s amazing!!!”

– Hanna K.
Brentwood, CA

Holden – 9 months old

“When I called Baby Sleep Well my son would only sleep with me holding him or in the bed with us. Katie helped me put him on a schedule and he immediately started napping better. Once he started napping better he gradually slept more and more each night. Holden goes to sleep right away and sleeps through the night now! The most important part of my experience was how Katie was there for me. It was almost like we were old friends. My only regret is that I didn’t call her sooner.”

– Ashley H.
Atlanta, GA

Khavir – 6 months old

“I truly do not know where to start. Katie has been an angel for my family. Katie responded immediately to our questionnaire and we started working on my son’s sleep schedule immediately within 2 days at 6 months of age. Prior to Katie’s consult, my son was sleeping 30 t0 40 minutes for his naps. Within 1 week my son was sleeping over 1 hour instead of 30 minutes for each nap. We were having so many problems with naps and middle of the night wakings and in a matter of 3 weeks our lives changed forever. By the third week my son was sleeping 12 hours through the night.

Katie not only supported me all the way, but she was there for every question or crying episode that I had too. Before I could get in touch with her, she was already asking me about my son’s progress throughout the day. Honestly, with someone as caring, supportive and kind as Katie, every cent would be well spent. She was by my side every time I needed help. Please don’t think twice…she will help you and your child get all the rest you need. The nicest thing was that Katie always asked if I was comfortable with her method and any suggestions she had, If I was not she did not push me or my husband in any way, but we committed 100% to her advice and the results were phenomenal. Now we have a baby that does not wake up screaming, but talking and smiling instead….Thank you very much Katie.”

– Arti P.
San Antonio, TX

A Letter to Our Sleep Consultant – Tate (26 months old) & Layla (5 months old)

Dear Katie,

When Tate was born, we immediately began receiving “advice” from everyone we knew, and every single individual thought they were an expert on the subject of sleep. We followed so much bad advice, it makes me sick remembering how much I trusted it all. One person told us to never swaddle Tate during the day, and to put him in a bright room to sleep so he would do better at night. We were in trouble. . .

Looking back on pictures of Tate, my heart breaks. In the majority of pictures it is so clear now- HE WAS EXHAUSTED. The child napped for 30 minutes. For every single nap and every single bedtime, we spent HOURS bouncing him to sleep. Some nights Bryan and I wouldn’t have our first bit of alone time until after 10:00 p.m. Once he was asleep, we would hopefully have an hour or so before the wakings started. One night I logged 15 wakings. He was never able to sooth himself, so we went in to begin bouncing or feeding him all night long.

Nearly every night, we were frustrated and angry, trying our best to keep our patience with Tate and desperately hoping to figure out what was wrong. Our pediatrician was just another voice offering bad advice, so we felt like we didn’t have anywhere to turn. The last bit of advice we were holding onto was “he will grow out of it.”

Fast forward a year, we found out we were pregnant with Layla. We were absolutely thrilled, but couldn’t ignore the feeling of terror that we were already exhausted, and it was only going to get worse. I remember at our first ultrasound, the OB that had delivered Tate started lecturing us on how to help him sleep, and the importance of us fixing the problem before our next baby came. Her advice was golden like the rest- put a toy in his crib that plays music and lights up so he won’t bother you at night! Even though we had gotten to see Layla’s heartbeat for the first time that day, we left sobbing, barely even able to speak because we were so scared about our impending doom. It’s heartbreaking to think a time that should have been joyful was completely overcast by fear.

Four weeks before Layla was due, Bryan was diagnosed with mono. It wasn’t surprising- we had been sick so much since Tate had been born because we weren’t sleeping! I took on bedtime by myself. I was gigantically pregnant, bouncing a wiggly toddler in his room. I remember the night before I went into labor, the muscles in my abdomen were aching. I had held and bounced Tate for so long, and he was still awake laughing in his bed. I literally hunched over on the floor (as much as I could get around my belly) and sobbed. I was totally defeated, and looking back I’m confident the mess of it all sent me into earlier-than-expected labor with Layla.

When we finally had our “two under two” babies, things got just as expected- much much worse! Layla had colic, so I was stuck in our makeshift master bedroom/nursery pacing with her until at least 11:00 pm. for months. Bryan would have the task of putting Tate to sleep, and I would often go into Tate’s room and find them both passed out on Tate’s bed. For nap time when Bryan was at work, I had to morph into a creative superhero (which failed me all the time). I would put Layla in her rock n’ play and rock it with one foot to keep her asleep while attempting to bounce Tate. If one made a peep, the entire plan was ruined. Tate would be hysterical begging for me to hold him as Layla screamed. I could never leave Tate alone in his room to deal with our newborn, because he was terrified to be alone or to have the door shut. I thought my heart would EXPLODE watching both kids meltdown like that. After Tate was asleep and finally in his bed, I would have to open the door with my foot and hoist out the entire rock n’ play and PRAY as I exited his room.

Katie- we prayed for so long. Every night begging God to give us one full night of sleep. The first time Tate slept a full ten hours was when he was 17 months old. And it was never consistent. I couldn’t understand why God wasn’t answering our pleads.

One night, I left Tate’s room sometime after 9:30 and was swearing and throwing a fit. Bryan stopped me and said, “So, I was at a patient’s house today, and she attacked me about how her granddaughter takes two two-hour naps and sleeps through the night.” My immediate thought was “Oh how sweet, another person that brags to a tired parent about their miracle baby.” Ha! Bryan explained that they had hired a sleep specialist named Katie Shell (Baby Sleep Well). I instantly turned to google and skeptically barked out, “I’m not doing this if she doesn’t have kids.” The fact that you have your own TWO little ones and had also struggled with sleep in the past, caught my attention. We needed someone that had expert knowledge and empathy for what our world looked like- and you were the PERFECT FIT!

I’m not going to sugar coat it; sleep training these two stubborn and tired babies was not a cake walk. But I can honestly tell you the entire process of going through the program was not nearly as painful as our sleep deprivation and even the anxiety of what we would have to do to fix the issues. I never told you this- but when you sent me Tate’s plan, I didn’t immediately read it. I was terrified! I was just sure you would say, “put him to bed, close the door, walk away, and don’t go back in until the morning.” When I read about the method you suggested and the gradual plan you had come up with, and how you supported each part of it with what he biologically and emotionally needed, I BAWLED. I felt like this was the first time someone had listened, cared, and knew what needed to be done in order for us to achieve success.

With both kids, the gains started happening immediately. The support you offered daily, the positiveness, and the constant reminder to us that small changes were successes, made the world of difference for us. Layla began taking real naps and actually slept through the night for the first time. 17 days after we started the program with Tate, he fell asleep in his room without any help at all. His room became his safe place, and he was so proud of his progress. One night he wasn’t feeling well, and I went in to soothe him, and he asked me to leave so he could fall back asleep! Fast forward a couple months later, our son got up and closed his own door so he could fall asleep in his room! He became a different child, developing healthy sleep patterns that we never thought were possible!

Our lives have been completely changed by you, Katie. There is not a single doubt in my mind that God was waiting for the perfect moment to let you step into our lives and help solve these problems. You have saved all of our health, sanity, and our marriage! Now our kids sleep well and my husband and I can go out to dinner with a sitter that only comes to literally SIT. We are so grateful you confidently took on our cases and walked us through the mess we were drowning in!

I know I have said it before, but we were so lost- if God had prepared you only to help us, than it was worth it. It was that bad! But thankfully I KNOW that is not the case! You have so many more people out there that are just waiting for their miracle!

We will always be grateful for you! We thank God that we gained sleep as well as a good friend!


– Bryan, Angela, Tate (26 months) , and Layla (5 months) W.
Cartersville, GA

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